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Serah Monah

Isn’t it quite phenomenal how Foreign Slim seems to be catching the attention of almost everyone? Although, this is supposedly the dream of every uprising music artists, yet it seems Foreign is outwardly and musically different with all her works so far, maybe it is because of her Nigerian roots and American influence which is a bonus anyways.

With all the infectious cruise jams she has been giving everyone, serving them hot back-to-back and giving to breathing space perusing the demands of success and fame, it is no wonder why she is always talked about.

2021 to be that marked unique year for Slim as she has strikingly “busted” the minds of her fans with her single “Akulas Vibez” in 2020, and with “Different Ting” where she featured a quite famous artist, King Kanja.

In fact, it is amazing that she didn’t even bother to give anyone a break while still serving her plates hot with the release of her latest trending hit single “Jeka Sere”. This hit and its accompanying video broke a record in the minds of everyone leading to over several thousands of downloads on all social Media platforms. Apparently, it seemed to have enjoyed a good run in the first quarter of this year.

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Born in Lagos, Nigeria and residing in the United States currently, Foreign Slim whose birth name is Adeola Adisa is indeed becoming a champion of R&B and Afro soul genre in the music industry especially with the recent release of her albums like Arrest my mind, Treasure Traps Deluxe and Narcissist.

In a probable coincidence, an interview with the self-taught music artist (as she claimed) revealed that Foreign Slim has decided to announce that she would be dropping an EP, titled “It’s Me” very soon. When asked why she chose such a unique title, she replied, “it’s my life I’m turning into a story” whilst also stating that her life was just the exact inspiration she needed.


This 2021 “It’s Me EP” has every potential of climbing up the ladder of popularity just like the previous hit singles she has been releasing.

This specific EP is of an Afro-house genre which took Foreign Slim just some hours to complete. Maybe it is indeed agreeable that quality is not dependent on time Factor as this EP is sure to drop the jaws of everyone. It’s Me was mixed and mastered by Ohda studio while also produced by Samson Ohda. Foreign is obviously intentional about this as she further mentioned in the interview that she has every plan of releasing music video, love videos and many more regarding the EP.

Moreover, it is apparent that Foreign is putting her all into speeding up her rise to stardom as she is set on putting her plans of continuing her world tour for concrete purpose of promoting her music career. She said she started from Lagos, moving to America where she is right now and will be touring London very soon to do live performances and tours.

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However, another striking sign to show that Foreign Slim is worth all limelight she has enjoyed and success she craves was revealed when she made a conscious comment in the interview that she’s on her way to becoming far from the average music artist. This cannot be an ordinary hype as her works corroborate so much with this statement. Besides, Foreign mentioned that she is deliberately working towards gaining global appreciation and awareness in the music industry by collaborating with her major musical inspirations like Burna Boy, Wizkid, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

As if that is not enough, Foreign Slim shared one of her aspirations in the interview that in the next 5 years, she would love to be established enough to help talented upcoming artists in the music industry. Of course, it is definitely feasible and would not be shocking at all to see that Foreign’s name is established in the industry alongside receiving plaques and awards for her hard-earned success and rise to stardom. Her rise to stardom seems phenomenal and maybe it shouldn’t be after all surprising that some would even think her success so far is overrated. Evidently, Foreign Slim is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the nearest future.