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Rocking your pregnancy

Pregnancy, these days, is no excuse to be undesirable. This is why we have gone all out to compile a list of five essentials that will make every pregnant woman still appealing.

  1. The short and free mat-dresses

These are gowns designed for a free movement of an expectant woman at all times. They come mostly in light-textured and colourful fabrics that offer the best of convenience she may desire. They may be long or short-sleeved, close, V or low-necked. Their beauty, however, lies in the shortness of their length.

2 The ballet flats

They are the safest option for any woman at this stage. They pamper your feet and make you carry on as smartly as ever. To make a fashion statement with it, just get them in different colours and patterns, as you can afford.

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  1. The sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses presents you not only as a successful career woman but also as an all-season fashionista. Apart from standing you out elegantly in the crowd, it also protects your eyes from the scorching sun, especially in your present state.

  1. A medium size bag

As an expectant mother, you are not to add to the natural load, which you carry. Instead of the common large bags that are obtainable now, you are to opt for a medium size bag that can still pass for a-take-all bag. Make them designers, simple but in plain or multi-coloured types.

  1. Wigs

Since your skin is prone to easy irritation at this time, save yourself from the burden of heavy plaits and long weave-on; you will only be discomfited. Just make do with short and stylish wigs that you can get rid of once you are within the confines of your home.

  1. Simple jewelries

This isn’t the right time to wear heavy beads, corals beads or any form of necklace or earrings, as your skin has become very sensitive now. If you must wear at all, get a very short and tiny type either as gold or silver but definitely in a simple design. You would have made clear a classic statement.