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Powerful collaboration unveiled: Pope’s new book features moving preface by Chimamanda

The world is abuzz with anticipation as Pope Francis unveils his groundbreaking new book, ‘Hands Off Africa’, The Guardian reports.
The Guardian wrote that The Vatican announced that esteemed Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, had written the preface for this extraordinary work, adding her powerful voice to the Pope’s visionary message.

The release of this transformative book on May 22 marks a momentous milestone in the quest for African empowerment and global solidarity.

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In the thought-provoking preface of ‘Hands off Africa’, Chimamanda bestowed high praise on Pope Francis’ powerful message, describing it as a beacon of hope for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the entire African continent. She passionately denounced the long-standing exploitation and conflict-induced exhaustion that have plagued the region, asserting that the world’s silence on these matters represents a tragic betrayal.

Adichie boldly underscored that this silence symbolises the continued devaluation of African humanity, even as the global community eagerly consumes the continent’s resources. She fervently described the Pope’s messages as “potent” and “a necessary rebuke” to affluent nations.

Adichie’s resounding words echo with unwavering strength: “His message is not merely that Congo – and, by extension, Africa – matters, but that it matters for one reason only. Not for its resources, which the global North depends on, not for fear that the continent could become again the scene of Western proxy battles as happened during the Cold War, but simply because of the people. Africa matters because Africans matter.”

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The Vatican Publishing House shared that “Hands off Africa” is a compilation of Pope Francis’ speeches during his visits to the conflict-ridden regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan in January/February 2023. This book also incorporates the authentic voices and stories of the individuals Pope Francis encountered throughout his transformative journey, ensuring their narratives are heard and cherished.

During his historic visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pope Francis ignited global discourse by emphatically declaring, “Hands off Africa! Stop choking Africa: it is not a mine to be exploited or a land to be plundered. May Africa be the protagonist of its own destiny!” As the revered leader of the global Catholic Church and the esteemed Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis consistently advocates for world peace and harmony.