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Polygamist pastor claims half married men in his community are bisexual

Seraki Kemmonye, a popular pastor from Botswana who is married to two wives, has said that half of the married men in his community Gaborone are bisexual.

Pastor Kemmoye of Fellowship International disclosed this on Friday, November 5, while talking about prostate cancer.

Talking of prostate cancer and staff, I am reminded of something, I understand half of Gabs married men are bisexual, they sleep with their wives and other men!,” he wrote.

“A severe case i heard is where the wife developed infections, and upon examination, it was discovered that the infection was as a result of human feaces(sp)! The gentleman would confess to the wife when she pushed him to the wall gore he sometimes plays for the other team!

“NowI understand part of Gabs culture, I keep saying Gabs because nna tota I am a villager, chaps like Joram Jorry Matomela Moagisi Zulu Gokatweng Arnold and Mpho Olefile identify as city Boys!

“I understand women these days derive please in inserting toys in the buttocks of their partners

“My question is, these sexual pleasures, ha se tsone di dirang gore banna ba helle ba lekeletsa dilo? What are you doing you people?”