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Paediatrician cautions parents, caregivers against excessive covering of babies

As the temperature continue to rise in some states, a Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Emmanuel Jeffrey, has cautioned parents and caregivers against excessive covering of babies, to avoid high temperatures and fever.

Jeffrey gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Lagos State.

According to him, excessive wrapping of babies can lead to increase in their internal body temperature.

“Over-clothing is actually one of the causes of fever in neonates; do not over-wrap a baby because you feel the baby should be kept warm,” he said.

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The paediatrician advised parents and caregivers to ensure they found a balance, and also ensure that the baby was not exposed.

Jeffrey further advised that babies be kept in airy rooms instead of stuffy environments that could trigger respiratory challenges.

He noted that keeping babies in rooms with air conditioners (AC) and fans, was not harmful to them, as long as they were not kept in the pathway of the air.

“Babies should not be made to face either the AC or the fan; the room should not be stuffy; you can adjust the AC,” Jeffrey said. (NAN)