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Outrage greets wedding between 73-year-old grandfather and 12-year-old girl in Nasarawa

Pascal Oparada

Nigerians on social media are outraged over the marriage between a man though to be in his 70s to a 12-year-old girl in Nasarawa State in Nigeria.

The wedding poster, which was posted on social media, has drawn backlash with many calling for the arrest and prosecution of the man who is old enough to be the girl’s grandfather.

According to the information on the wedding poster, the marriage took place on January 22.

Many called northern Nigerians to rise and condemn the act and eliminate child marriage in the region.

Others called for respect for a Muslim tradition which, they say, permits underage marriage.

One @frolix said: “No disrespect, Chemical Brodar, but don’t you think we should respect the Muslims and their religion? These two people are in love and just because your religion doesn’t support it doesn’t mean it is wrong. This is how religious wars start. Use your platform wisely.”

@AmeboSophie said: How do these people live, cos I’m still wondering over this picture. This is so barbaric and yet the girl child is always the victims in this their idiotic behaviour.

And Arewa Twitter will keep quiet like morons, it’s only to rant on useless matters they know,” she said.

Another Twitter user wondered why governors and the elites in the northern part of Nigeria allow underage marriage while they refuse to give out their children in marriage.

“Arewa twitter how far? Why do the governors and politicians never give out their underage daughters for marriage if it is really not a big deal? Why only the poor and nameless? Shitty religious manipulations,” @TheEmmanuella said on Twitter.