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Oprah Winfrey donates $14.3m to help fight Coronavirus

Oprah Winfrey is digging deep to help those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. The star announced that she made a donation of US$10 million.

She wrote in an Instagram post: “I am donating $10 million overall to help Americans during this pandemic in cities across the country and in areas where I grew up.”

Of that money, US$1 million will go towards feeding local communities through the America’s Food Fund initiative.

It supports charitable organisations such as World Central Kitchen and Feeding America, and is the brainchild of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and Apple, along with the Ford Foundation.

It currently has raised roughly US$12.5 million out of its US$15 million goal.

Winfrey added in her post: “I was struck by the work these organizations are doing and while everyone’s priority right now is to stay safer at home, I know there are many of us looking for ways to help.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio said in a statement: “In the face of this crisis, organizations like World Central Kitchen and Feeding America have inspired us all with their unwavering commitment to feed the most vulnerable people in need.”

He continued: “I thank them for their tireless work on the frontlines, they deserve all of our support.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook also released a statement, saying that we can overcome this crisis “if we make sure that every person has the essentials that they need to care for themselves, their families and the vulnerable people in their lives.”

“World Central Kitchen and Feeding America do heroic work, and if there is any lesson in this time that we must spend apart, it’s that we are stronger and more resilient when we support one another,” Cook added.

Since the outbreak has forced tougher measures on US citizens, Winfrey has been hosting a free series streamed on Apple TV+ called Oprah Talks COVID-19, with guests such as Idris Elba – who tested positive for COVID-19 – making an appearance. (cna)