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The dethroned emir of Kano, Danmaje Kano Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has many qualities that defines what makes him who he is.

My first close encounter with him was July 31st, 2011. It was his 50th birthday celebration and I was brought in as the sole MC at the 11th floor (Governor’s Floor) of the Central Bank of Nigeria Head Office Abuja.

Members of the planning committee wanted a sense of humour at the event, a touch of intelligence and intellectualism and I was recommended and brought in.

The event went well until I handed the microphone to the celebrant for his remarks, when he changed the mood of the event from a humorous and lively one to a solemn one.

He spoke passionately about Nigeria, his economic and technical languages became too complex for my comprehension but from all the indices he was dishing out, it was obvious all was not well with Nigeria. At the height of his frightening revelations he bursted into tears. At this point I got scared because I had not collected my balance (laughs).

He changed the atmosphere, he set all of us thinking and reflecting on Nigeria as we stepped out of the venue.

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I once tried to bring his attention to a live telecast from National Assembly where respected Activist Femi Falana (SAN) was making some allegations that were indicting on his person and office. He spent time to explain to me of what he was saying and that he was prepared for probe. That was the only time I spoke with him on his number he gave me on his birthday.

The man Sanusi is a brave and fearless man. He can give anything for the truth. He was very close to our Amazon Prof. Dora Akunyilli of blessed memory, I was hoping to see a Sanusi/Dora presidential ticket. But death would never let that see the light of the day.

Like Prof. Dora, Mallam Sanusi has ready made answers to every question and he dishes them out not minding what he stands the chance to loss as long as such answers give life to the trees of posterity in his garden of history.

The north has built a self destructive system. It was the system that has produced chronic poverty in the north. The northern elites have built a system where only the elites and their children get what and how at ease. You can not become anything meaningful if your father doesn’t fall into that system. You can’t marry from the elite family if your family is not one.

This has produced a tool of manipulation of the masses in the north. This tool was fashionable when the masses were instigated in places of worship and the next thing is religious riots. This act alone has crippled and affected negatively the economy of the north.

There is a deep resentment against the elites by the masses in the north. They told them it was because they were not in power that is why they were suffering. But today, the north controls the air, land, sea, pipes, roads, banks and everything, but they have seen hunger and poverty like never before.

Those sentiments that the elites do generate on Fridays is losing its grip very fast. The elites of the north are fast becoming endangered species. The system they created that have produced poverty and unemployment would consume them in no distant time.

The masses in the north now have brothers and sisters in the south and they communicate on phones hearing how life is in the south. When the northern elites were building their oligarchy system, they never saw that a day would come when beggars on the streets of north would have access to phones and internet. This is a great threat to the lifeline of the parochial system of the north.

The Sultan though a spiritual head, the emir of Kano is the most politically active and respected emir. No change of government in Nigeria, either through bullets or ballots that doesn’t need the enforcement of emir of Kano if it must succeed. This is one of the reasons the power that be wanted him out by all means.

From City Gate Abuja to Kano City center is dual carriageway. To the normal eyes it looks normal, but those who designed it that way know the interpretation.

The Guards Brigade is a unit in Nigeria Army that guards the president of Nigeria. The official colours of the Kano Emirate and that of the Guards Brigade are the same. I know some folks would say it was coincidence, but those that chose the colours knew why it was so.

An emirate that is synonymous with influence, affluence and power was broken into pieces and a fearful symbol of the north was demystified in our eyes. What this means is that when a non northerner becomes president, he can instigated any Governor to remove any non aligning emir… A template has been created by the north and any body can use.

For removing Emir Sanusi, the north has just began the second phase of her self destructive project.

Sanusi shall be back!