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Nigeria’s rising debt profile worrisome – SWIT


The Society of Women in Taxation, SWIT incoming National Chairperson, Kudirat Abdulhamid has raised an eyebrow over the Federal Government’s increased borrowings and wondered why the government would ignore revenue generation opportunities and opt for a credit facility.

Abdulhamid argued that the increasing debt profile will tie Nigeria’s resources to payment and servicing of loans. In her view, taxation is more profitable and bankable when they are used for developmental projects that will benefit Nigerians.

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She said if the nation’s taxes are used judiciously, Nigerians will be eager to continue paying tax because the Government has provided basic amenities. However, when these infrastructures are not available, citizens won’t be encouraged to perform their tax obligation.

“I agree with people complaining over government borrowing, but if citizens pay taxes and it is judiciously utilised for the provision of this services, people will be eager to pay more. But when the government borrows money without providing infrastructures, citizens would become angry” she said.