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Nigerians fear Chadian crisis may spill into country


Pascal Oparada

There are apprehensions that the current Chadian crisis may spill over into Nigeria following the death of Idris Derby, the late president of Chad.

Nigerians on social media said since Chad borders Nigeria in the North and is a member of the International Military Joint Taskforce (IMJT) fighting insurgency, rebels in Chad may take advantage of Derby’s death to make incursions into Nigeria.

Others expressed worries that the humanitarian problem that may be created due to the ongoing fight in Chad may have an effect on Nigeria.

Derby who won a sixth as president was seen as a stabilizing force in Chad. He was always in the forefront fighting insurgents, especially Boko Haram has recorded victory in most cases. He died while fighting rebels.

Deby, 68, died the day after winning an election in which he took more than 79% of the votes, according to official results, earning him a sixth term in office.

Mr Deby took power in a rebellion in 1990 and was one of Africa’s longest-ruling leaders.

Reports say he will be succeeded by his son, Mahamat Kaka.