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Nigerian designer shines as Ebuka leads metal necktie trend

Speaking on the inspiration behind the neckties, Ohaji, who is an International Law Practitioner and Style Influencer said, “Since my third year in school, I had started working on creating a fashion brand and researched far and wide for many concepts.

“They were all great and I started to save because I knew it wasn’t going to easy to start so early. I’m a fan of corporate outfits and bumped into amazing tie concepts on the internet that were in other countries and I checked for where to get in Nigeria.

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“The ties were not available in Nigeria and I went on to check other African brands but couldn’t find them. That was when the thought of starting my own metal necktie line came to me.

“I didn’t take the thought seriously at first but after some time, I was willing to start a necktie revolution in Nigeria and Africa; and that birthed drip ties,” he said.

Ohaji also explained that although the ties have a shiny metal look, they were made from acrylic and finessed to give a very luxurious feel and look.

He also noted that the neckties are not really very different from the regular neck ties but are more luxurious, do not require knotting or washing and last longer.

In his words, fashion keeps evolving and Nigeria should strive to be at the forefront. He said, “The world is moving fast and everyday an unconventional concept is made. The entrepreneurial spirit just pushed me to go for it and after so many sleepless nights, I can say it’s going great now.” (NAN)