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NGO calls for biometric data capturing of IDPs

A non-governmental organisation, Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), has advocated the biometric data capturing of all Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Northeast as part of measures to ascertain their exact number.

CITAD’s Executive Secretary, Yunusa Zakari-Yau, who made the call on behalf of the Organisation, also called for a similar exercise for those involved in the management of the IDPs, as well as military personnel deployed on military operations in the region.

Zakari-Yau was speaking on the issue with newsmen in Kano State on Saturday.

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He said the call was necessary to check the alleged corrupt practices being perpetrated by the people involved in the management of the IDPs.

“Government should ensure that the military has accurate and comprehensive data of deployment of its troops in the Northeast region.

“There is need for more investigations on the extent of allegations at which the insurgents are said to be benefitting either from the diversion of aid or as safe havens for their families.

“This must be done with caution, especially the safety of their families, in order not to make IDPs camps target of Boko Haram’s reprisal.

“The women and children of the insurgents equally have the right to safe camps, based on UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displaced entire”, he said.

According to him, civil society organisations (CSOs) must also get involved in fighting corruption, and be given more access to information for oversight in IDPs camps and the schools being attended by children of the displaced.

He stressed the need for the Federal Government to ensure clear frame work of action on IDPs management to eliminate duplicity and ambiguity of roles in the running of IDPs camps.

“In particular, the management of IDPs camps and resources must be inclusive and representative of different interests and stakeholders involved.

“Budgetary allocation and funds for disbursement in the Northeast must be open, transparent and trackable, to reduce corruption and wastages in the management of the camps,” the Executive Secretary said.

He further called on the government to order an audit of the conduct of the military as they relate with both communities at the frontline and those in camps.

“Winning the war requires that the military treats communities with respect and be supportive, rather than high handed disposition that elicit negative responses from the ordinary citizens”, he advised. (NAN)