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New Facebook features every marketer should know about (1)

Social media is constantly changing and so is the way that users interact with it. As a marketer, it’s essential to keep up with the ever-changing ways that social platforms enable you to reach your audience.

On Facebook, new features roll out frequently, adding more functionality for users and creators on the platform. In the past year, it’s made numerous updates to features while keeping marketers in mind. These updates are making it easier than ever for marketers to use Facebook to run successful campaigns, engage with the audience, and analyze the outcomes of their efforts.

As Facebook continues to improve usability, it’s also adding new features that make marketers’ lives a little bit easier. Here are a few ways Facebook is making marketing on the platform more accessible.

Call to action buttons

Using a call to action can increase conversions and encourage your audience to engage with your brand. Now you can create specific CTA buttons for your Facebook Page to prompt visitors to take a particular action.

To add a CTA, click the ‘edit’ button below your cover photo and select which CTA button to add. You can choose a button that works best for your businesses and customize that button depending on where you want to send visitors. The CTA will encourage people to take direct action once they are on your page.

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Here are a few examples of the CTAs you can include:

Booking appointments

Making a reservation

Contacting your businesses via email, phone, or chat

Downloading an App

Making a purchase


What’s New on Facebook

If you’re a regular user of the platform, then you may have noticed some aesthetic changes, as well as a few usability upgrades to the platform. There are also a few hidden Facebook features that can come in handy if you know where to look. Overall, these updates create a more streamlined user experience.


New layout and dark mode

Facebook rolled out a new layout as well as a dark mode for your Timeline. To enable dark mode, navigate to the Settings menu in your profile, and scroll down to ‘Dark Mode’. Turn it on, and it will change the contrast of your screen, turning your interface dark. You need to enable Facebook’s new layout on your profile to access Dark Mode. The rest of the new layout incorporates many of the features that the Facebook Mobile app has utilized for years, including changes to the general design of the interface, a separate tab for Groups and more sidebar customization options.


Facebook Messenger for desktop

Facebook also launched a separate messenger app for desktop. The desktop app has all of the same features and usability as the mobile app and simply allows the user to access Facebook messenger through an individual app on their desktop without accessing their Facebook timeline. You can find the desktop messenger app in your Windows or iOS app stores.

3-dimensional images

Static images are out, and 3D graphics and videos are in. Facebook now lets users publish immersive 3D photos that come to life. This feature works for any photos taken using the Portrait Mode feature on your phone’s camera. When creating a Facebook post, select “3D photo” from the upload menu and upload your portrait for a 3D surprise on your newsfeed. You can turn your device or use your fingers to get a 3D view of the image right in the Timeline.

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Quiet Mode is a simple yet much-needed feature that lets users disable and silence all notifications from their Facebook app. To help cut down on days when your phone is glued to your hand, this feature aims to encourage people to reduce screentime and spend time away from Facebook. Once you’re ready to start receiving notifications again, re-enable the settings and you will begin getting notified as usual.