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My dad told me to always be the best in my class – Barakat

It is good meeting you, dear.

It is good meeting you too sir.

May I know your name?

My name is Fola-Azeez Barakat

Do you go to school?


Why do you go to school?

To make me great in life and to make my parents happy too.

Why do you think going to school will make you great?

I know because I will learn. School will give me education and this will help me choose who I want to be in future.

How will that make you a great person?

If you are popular, people will want to associate with you and this will make me great person.

So, what do you wish to become in future?

I wish to become a medical doctor.

What kind of medical doctor do you want to become?

A dentist

Why dentist?

So that I will be able to treat teeth and will be able to talk about how people can take care of their teeth.

What can you say about the teeth?

The teeth are what we use to eat, chew and you can use them to bite and do other such of things.

What inspired you to decide to become a dentist?

In my former school, Kudiratullah International School, they brought dentists to check on our teeth. That was when I decided that I want to be a dentist.

When your teeth were checked then, what was the outcome, how did you feel?

They said that there were small holes in my teeth but it is not a problem for me, because they are so tiny unlike the remaining people whose holes were so wide. If you see their teeth, it will look as if their teeth had fallen off.

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What do you love doing?

I love playing and reading.

What is your best subject?

My best subject is Mathematics.

Why do you like Mathematics?

Actually, it was my dad that taught me Maths. By the time he was teaching, I used to understand it and I decided that this Maths is so simple if you understand it; you will do so if you listen attentively. So, I developed more interest in the subject and made it my best subject.

You just finished your examinations and did your graduation ceremony; how would you describe your experience in the exam?

We have two classes in my school. I took the first position in my class second when both classes were combined. On our price-giving day, I received two awards, including best in. I thought my dad would be sad about it because he always told me to be the best in my class. By the time I got home, I went into a quiet place and sat alone. When my dad called me, I was afraid that he was going to scold me but he told me that I performed well. I was so happy that I couldn’t express my feelings to my dad.

Between your dad and mom, who do you love more?

I can’t choose because I love both of them equally. It was my mom that gave birth to me and my dad provides for me; so, I love them equally. They are the most awesome parents in life.

What is your best colour?

My best colour is blue and white

Why do you love colour blue and white?

Blue and white is the colour of the sky. And my mum also loves blue and white; so I decide to love blue and white. Blue is a very nice colour and if you wear white cloth, it can go with any colour.

Are you the only child?

No, I have a younger brother.

You are just two?

Yes, but my brother and I want our mum to give birth to twins and I know Allah will do it.

Who is Allah?

Allah is the person that created all mankind and all natural things.

Who created Allah?

Allah created Himself.

How do you know?

In my former school, they taught me that Allah is the first person to be on this earth and then created all mankind.

Who then now created the Creator?

I don’t know.

Why don’t you know?

Because what I am actually think that Allah made Himself.

Do you pray at all?


Who do you pray to?

I pray to Allah five times daily.

What is your advice to those are not praying to Allah?

I advise them to please start praying to Allah because He is the Creator and the only person who can also show them mercy.