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Morning sex, like chocolate over ice cream

For most men, the urge to grab their women for sex first thing in the morning is always there. And do you blame them? No, you shouldn’t. They have the call to go into this action naturally. Yes, the old soldier, the great hunter is ever ready for his prey, even before the first cock crow every morning.

Unfortunately, the opposite is the case for most women.  Early morning time is usually dedicated to prayers, thoughts about how to go about the day’s work, the usual school runs if the children are still young, breakfast for the entire family, playing the supervisory roles of tidying the house, the kitchen even when the house-help is around and getting up quickly to attend to all of these to be able to get to work if she is a career woman or the shop if she is self-employed. So, how can she afford the time for getting laid so early in the morning.

I asked some ladies what they feel about making love very early in the morning and their responses go thus:

“Once I wake up in the morning usually about 5am, the first thing that comes to my mind is how to attend to the lined up work for the day. And since my office is a bit far from my house, I usually get up early to do some house chores. I do not have a house-help so, I need to start the work early enough.

The last thing on my mind is sex. I need all the strength to face the numerous challenges of the day, I would not want anything of such to slow me down,” observed one of them. Another one said: “I am taught in my church to communicate with my God first thing in the morning. So, what I do first is to pray, try to remember whatever vision God must have possibly shown me through my dreams overnight  to enable me work around it whether I will need to fast or pray that day; it is the interpretation of the dream that will determine that. Is it when I am trying to go about that that somebody will come with a sex call?” she asked.

In short, as far as most of these women are concerned, the early hours of any day should be devoted to something serious, which love-making is definitely not part of.

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But, scientific discoveries are strongly against this belief.  Studies have shown that  just as there’s no denying that one of the best parts of waking up is downing a fresh cup of coffee, having  morning sex is equally a great way to start the day.

Getting busy with sex when you first wake up, they say, has all the benefits of drinking coffee and more. Morning sex, according to them, helps ease one into the day’s work. It boosts one’s energy levels naturally and relieves one of stress. Having an orgasm definitely improves your mood and best of all, it bonds partners to each other.

So, there’s no reason you shouldn’t incorporate morning sex into your daily schedule.  Other benefits are as follows:

Makes the body primed and ready to go

Sex therapists say morning time is the perfect for sex, because unlike what most women feel, your body, quite frankly is ready for it. This is because estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak during this time and going by a recent study, the libido is affected by the hormone levels, which means the higher they (the libido) are, the friskier you feel.

Your man lasts longer

Since more testosterone is produced at morning times, you are bound to have better sex. High testosterone levels will boost your partner’s libido and improve sexual function. It is also a time to be sexually stronger because higher testosterone levels can increase erection strength. So, if this is the time he will be stronger and better in bed, why not key into the fun of the moment, I mean why deny yourself?

 It releases the “cuddle hormone”

Morning sex can bring you and your partner closer together. Since sex produces oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone,” you are made to be more connected to your partner. Oxytocin is the chemical in the brain that controls love and bonding.

 It a stress reliever

Early morning sex produces endorphins that get rid of stress and helps boost your mood. Endorphins are magical pain-relieving chemicals in the body that boosts the mood. This is why you usually feel happier after you’ve climaxed and climaxing before you head to work will put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

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It is a form of workout

Although having morning sex may not be the equivalent of running on a treadmill for an hour, it is still one sure way to have a workout. Researchers have shown that sex, just like a walk, burns about five calories per minute, which makes you stronger and fit. So, why not have this fun-filled exercise; you can make it a quickie.

 It’s a brain booster

Since sex releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone that gives your brain power a boost. Having it in the morning will benefit your brain and position you perfect for the day’s work.

It boosts your immune system

Just as vitamin C might do wonders to your immune system, getting frisky in the morning also does. Researchers have found out that sex can boost your immunity by triggering your body’s natural defences against bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

It is a key to looking younger

Because of the oxytocin, beta endorphins and other anti-inflammatory molecules that come with sex, you stand to look several years younger than people who have less sex. Orgasms, on the other hand is good for your skin in several ways.We shall continue on the different ways to make it happen even when you are too busy in your mind.