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Moment Buhari went off-topic during Arise Tv interview 

Pascal Oparada

Nigerians were left confused on Thursday when President Muhammadu Buhari went off-tangent during an interview with Arise Television.

When asked why Nigeria is losing foreign direct investment to neighbouring countries like Ghana and what he’s doing to ensure that Nigeria attracts foreign direct investment, he brought up the #EndSARS issue. 

The question

…And we’re losing foreign direct investment to our neighbours such as Ghana. What can you do to make Nigeria a more competitive and more attractive destination for foreign direct investment?

The answer:

Well this question was answered when there was this EndSARS. Do you remember the ‘end people’ who wanted to match here and remove me when they have checked that answers? My answer is that I go to members of the Executive Council…by the constitution, there must be a member of the Executive Council from each state. That is the constitution. 

Every state must be represented. So, I called them on a Wednesday and said each one should go to his state, speak to their governor; speak to the traditional leaders; to the business people and tell them that Federal Government, no more vacancy, it’s full. Go to any governor and ask them to give a contract, to give you a job, he will tell you there is more vacancy. The same thing with the local government. So, you may have a good degree but may die without having a job…

During the run-up to the 2019 election, Buhari was perceived to be incoherent and off the tangent on most questions posed to him by Kadaria Ahmed, the anchor of the Candidates on television.

Most people believe the president has largely been shielded by his media team as they demand that those who seek to interview him forward intended questions beforehand to them for vetting.