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Many eat poison as Food -Adjagbodjou

Anthonia Duru

As part of efforts to promote healthy living and minimize heart-related diseases and diabetes manufacturer of Dessoi flour has urged Nigerians to be mindful of what they eat as many ingest poisons instead of healthy meals.

Speaking at the official launch of Dessoi flour in Lagos, the Manufacturer of Dessoi flour Dr Paulin Adjagbodjou explained that the passion he has for saving People from needless death made him launch himself into the research that gave birth to the product.

“Whenever I receive news of the prolonged illness of business counterparts, family member which eventually leads to death, I always feel bad and always want to look for a way to end this as a result of diabetics, hypertension and other health diseases and I believe this ought not to be if they had taken good care of themselves by examining what they put into their mouth as food.

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“Surprisingly, many people eat poison instead of food and that quickens their steps to an early grave through slowly but deadly disease, ” the manufacturer said at the event held in Lagos and which had in attendance Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo who was in attendance to introduce the product.

Dessoi flour manufactured by Five Gnon Limited according to Adjagbodiou is made of 100% natural ingredients and exclusively rich in protein and fibre that also prevents obesity, constipation and heart disease.

“Our flour can also be used to make delicious bread and other pastries.
We invite nutritionists, medical practitioners to seize this opportunity that our company is offering and join in an effective fight against diseases.” Adjagbodiou added.