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Many COVID-19 patients are treated with anti-Malaria drugs, says Raymond Dokpesi

Owner of Africa Independent Television (AIT) and RayPower FM, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, has raised doubts over the treatment of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

Chief Dokpesi, who was discharged from the hospital after testing positive to the virus, a week ago, said a lot of people who came for treatment of Coronavirus, in Abuja, had malaria symptoms and were administered with anti-malarial drugs.

In a video posted on Facebook, the media mogul said he had doubts about the treatment of patience suspected to have Coronavirus.

Said he, “I still have doubt in my mind, I still want to be properly educated, I am a bloody mechanic. What is the difference between COVID-19 which is a virus and Malaria which is mosquitoes bite?

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“Because every medication we were given was malaria medication. Some people who were told they were COVID-19 positive, they were tested in reputable laboratories, in Abuja, they were tested in Hospitals in Abuja and what they found was that they had a lot of malaria parasites in their bloodstream.

“So, when did malaria become synonymous with COVID-19? That is food for thought, ” he said.

Chief Dokpesi was diagnosed and isolated with members of his family after they tested positive for the virus.

He is the only one who has been discharged.

Dokpesi’s questions confirm speculations that doctors have, in most cases, misdiagnosed the virus in patients with suspected cases of Coronavirus.