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Making him miss you like crazy

Does he act like he does not really care? Have you tried “absence makes them crave for your presence” trick and things are yet to change?

Don’t fret, stop thinking of giving up. The tips below are enough to do the trick.

Majorly, working out ways to make him miss you like crazy will get him panting after you like deer does after cool water.

Leave things behind knowingly.

I am asking you to intentionally leave behind any of your properties like your pen or scarf that will always remind him of you. This will make him think about you every time he sees it. Keep these stuffs in different places such that he can stumble at them more than once.

In addition, let those things be materials that will bring some good memories of the past times you both shared together. For instance, some lingeries you wore and he passed good comments about, dinner dresses that made him look like he could pounce on you, even publicly and stuffs like that.

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Have a customised smell

Some ladies do not seem to care about their smell. Trust me, this is not good enough. As a romantic woman, you are not only expected to smell sweet, you should customise your smell. How should this be so? Quite simple. Do not wear just one perfume, get two or more nice-smelling perfumes to be using. Make sure your smell is so unique that he will always remember you whenever he smells it. Scent and memory go together.

Be an amazing make-over freak

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The makeover should be just the way he likes it. Make it as naturally beautiful as possible, having in mind the aim of making a style statement with it.

Be a powerful dresser

Men love women, who are great dressers. If you key into this, he will always remember you. I mean, his mind will always go to you whenever he attends an event. And whenever you have an outing together, display this strength. Dress in such a way that he will not want to let you go. He will never forget such moments.

Give him time

The truth is absence really makes us crave for each other’s  presence. To make this work in your interest, first, invest very well in the times you both spend together, then, deliberately, spend some time away from him to make him long for you. You will be shocked that this will make him get to the stage of wanting you around. This might be tough for you, but it can change your relationship forever.

Invest more on your look and shape

Physical beauty is key to men’s level of feelings for women. If he wants you shapely, sexy, dress like that; appear like that. He will miss you when you are not there. Part of how to achieve this is to make sure that your diet is healthy, your workout is daily, and do not forget to always wear amazing dresses. Change your hairstyle often as well because when you look beautiful, he has no choice but to want you.

Don’t be a bore

Improve on yourself mentally and keep abreast of issues to enable you make impressive contributions to issues as they come up for discussion. Try and be lively too and do not fake your personality, if you do, you won’t be original and flowing for a longer period of time will be difficult. So, like it is commonly said these days, “quit forming and fake packaging” and a vacuum will always be created whenever you are not around.

It’s another period in the year when people come together, celebrating, holidaying and generally feasting, seize the opportunity to make your presence felt, then, disappear and let’s see if you will not be missed.