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Make your spouse special, give a pet name

It goes without saying that how pleasurable one’s sex life or love affair is in general, is determined by a lot of factors.

Significant among them is the deep affection expressed by the partners to each other. This can come in different ways, one of which is the use of a pet name.

Pet names, often times result from the passion one partner has for the other; how one partner feels as a result of certain things that transmit between them.

Simply put, a pet name is the type that makes one partner feel very special.

You agree with me that at the beginning of any relationship, pet names are often adopted and that is why you have names like sweetheart, honey, love and others.

But as time goes on and the relationship endures, things are taken for granted and such beautiful names are dropped. In this part of the world, especially, when children start coming, they give way for names like Baba Bose, Papa Emeka, Papa Jumai.

This, however, should not be the case rather,  if one has to drop those names, they should be replaced with others that come as a result of careful thought or better knowledge of one’s partner.

This is to say that with time, partners should have had enough time to take a good look at different things, concerning the relationship for the partner to be able to come up with better and more enduring pet name which the partner will also appreciate.

The partner should not be oblivious of the fact that giving an inappropriate pet name may affect the relationship negatively.

The pet name should not be such that would make him hesitate from doing certain beautiful things that would make the relationship continue to be a fantastic one.

Also, you need to study his or her reaction to know whether he approves or disapproves of the name. If he or she feels good about it, then, great; if not, you may have to give another one.

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There are countless sweet names. Apart from the common ones, you can come up with others that make meaning to your relationship or your partner especially.

Mind you, it could come in a dialect. For instance, there is nothing wrong with a Yoruba man, calling his spouse, Oreke (the short form for orekelewa –a name, which extols a woman’s beauty).

These names do not have to come with any stress; rather, they should come very naturally.  They may come spontaneously like as a result of one action or another in your relationship, like something sweet your spouse just did or always do. Such names, when they come naturally can be long lasting.

The sanctity of the name should not also be violated. In view of the role it is to play or the affection it emanates from, it should not be called with a harsh voice or anger because once it is registered with anger, it wouldn’t last and with time, will lose its beauty and the purpose it is to serve.

Note that pet names are precious and they should be well preserved.

It presents couples, as lovebirds

It tells of the depth of love between partners. However, those against it believe it draws the partners away from their friends and relations because it is more or less like laying claim to the partners. This, invariably, is a good indication.

Whatever the impression people have, the most important thing is to give him that pet name, which makes him special and wants to die loving you.

There are many reasons you should use pet names in your relationship.


Pet names are extremely romantic; they add a certain spice to the relationship. Calling your partner by their original names is so ordinary and boring; pet names add a bit of love and romance.


Rather than going for the usual ‘honey’, ‘baby’ and ‘sweetie’, you can call each other names that only you two can relate with, something you both understand; something that can add a tingle to the way you feel. Personalised pet names add a different spice and make couples fonder of each other.


Findings from a study published in the

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, say that the more “insider language” couples used, the higher their relationship satisfaction tend to be.


While pet names are an indicator for a romantic relationship, they can also indicate when the relationship is taking a bad twist. When partners no longer find it fun to use pet names, it could be an indicator that the relationship is taking a downward slide — it signals a lack of intimacy.


When with external people and still call your better half pet names, it passes a message of commitment and intimacy. It shows you aren’t ashamed to be romantic with your partner even with other people around.

It is a new week when fresh decisions should be taken. If you are one of the oldies, who do not have pet names for their spouses, the time is now to come up with one. Do it and you will be shocked at the good effect this will have on your relationship and your children especially.