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Maize consumption can cure cancer, high blood pressure – Expert

Maize which is also known as corn is a cereal crop grown widely throughout the world particularly in agroecological environment

Maize with the botanical name Zea Mays was introduced in African in the 1500 and has since become one of the Africa’s dominant crops

Statistics shows that Nigeria produces the largest maize in Africa with eight million tons per annum.

The grain can be used to prepare different foods such as pap, snacks, pop corn among others.

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Maize is rich in Vitamin A, C and E, carbohydrates, essential minerals, folic acid, high fiber and nine percentage of protein as confirmed by a dietician with the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Mrs. Tolulope Akintomide.

Mrs. Akintomide noted that corn facilitate growth, prevent cancer, reduce cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes and assist food to have proper digestion.

The dietician however explained that maize had high amount of fatty acid hence it should be consumed moderately

Similarly, a farmer in Ilawe-Ekiti, Mr. Olubunmi Ojo who highlighted the steps of maize farming to include preparation of soil, sowing, irrigation, harvest said it takes about four months for maize to be ripe for harvest.

Mr. Olubunmi explained that inadequate of rain and climate change could cause low production of maize.