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Love your skin by knowing what goes into it

We all are tempted by the overnight miracle various skincare products claim. Aren’t we?
Beauty enthusiast and skin care producer, Uzo Ogbonnah, CEO of Face Craft has narrowed down harmful ingredients she says one should look out for when purchasing skincare products. Cultivate the habit of reading the ingredients on the label to see if the product you think will care for your skin is not a threat to your life.

Parabens: This causes hormonal imbalance.

Phthalates: This is present as a major component in fragrances. It interferes with the male reproduction system and causes breast cancer in women.

BHA/BHT: It is used in skin-lightening products. It causes stomach and liver cancers.

Aminophenol/Diaminobenzene/ Phenylenediamine: It is used in dyes and anti-dandruff products and is known to cause cancer.

DMDM Hydantoin/Diazolidinyl urea/Imidazolidinyl urea/Methenamine/quaternion-15. The common name is Formaldehyde.

Propylene glycol/Polyethylene glycols/Polyoxyethylene are all petroleum-based compounds very commonly known as PEG.

Sulphates: They are present in products by the name of ethylene oxide. They are carcinogens, that is, capable of causing cancer and they also damage the nervous system. They are present in most soaps and shampoos, as ingredients to increase the lathering power.

Vitamin A compounds: Yes, you read that right. There are various Vitamin A compounds present in lip and skincare products which need to be avoided. They include Retino/Retinyl Palmitate/Acetate.

Boric Acid: This is also known as Sodium Borate. It causes infertility in men.

Oxybenzone: It is present in sunscreens and causes skin irritation and hormonal imbalance.

Fragrance: This is a very common ingredient in almost all products I have seen. They are known to cause allergic reactions including asthma, breathing difficulties and also cancer.

Methicones: These are compound derivatives of Siloxanes. They are present in almost all products which claim smooth skin in a jiffy. They are known to cause fertility issues.

Nanoparticles: This is very frequently used in face washes that contain minutes beads which help in face exfoliation. Many such products have been banned in the West where strong health policies are implemented. Always avoid soaps and facewashes that contain these small particles.

Triclosan: The very active ingredient in sanitisers, anti-bacterial soaps, cleansers, deos and toothpaste. They harm the thyroid gland and reproductive system.

Alcohol: Present in Deo, Perfumes and Creams. Many brands are coming up now which are now claiming to be sulphates, parabens and alcohol-free.