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Living Nostradamus predicts King Charles’ reign’ll end prematurely; may not hand over to Prince William

A Brazilian psychic famed for his uncannily-accurate predictions of world events has echoed the words of 16th-Century seer Nostradamus – that King Charles’ reign may end prematurely, Daily Star reports.
Daily Star said that a paranormal mystic who claims to be able to predict the future says King Charles may well abdicate the throne – a prediction previously made by Nostradamus himself, but Prince William might not be the one to take the crown.
Athos Salomé is thought to have stepped into the French seer’s boots with a wide range of prophecies that he says have been realised such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Queen’s death.
Speaking to the Daily Star ahead of the King’s Coronation, Athos warned that King Charles should take “extra care” of his health, adding that he’s very different to his son Prince WIlliam, but the two are “super connected”.

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Athos, a Brazilian psychic hailed as “The Living Nostradamus” for his uncannily-accurate predictions, outlined specific areas that the new king needs to take care with.
“King Charles III,” he said, “must double the care with his health, problems may arise in his urinary and sexual system, anus (prostate) and genitals”.
He added: “It is better to take care now if you want to reign in peace.”
The Brazilian fortune-teller added that King Charles could well be forced into early retirement as a result of serious illness and also warned that he should really have been crowned in June, not in May.
“From now on,” he said, “the countdown begins.
“We will find out if he remains in power between 2024 and 2025”.

Athos said that he thought that King Charles would be well-suited to the rôle: “Charles is a strategic, astute and intelligent person.

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“His low-key demeanour attracts people around him because of his ability to demonstrate his own capabilities.
“He is passionate about building, having and owning, and his energy radiates passion and hidden intensity. As a result, he becomes a magnetic figure, and at the same time can exert a certain amount of control when he is emotionally involved.”
The predictions of Michel de Nostre-Mario Reading, a British author specialising in the interpretation of the enigmatic prophecies of the French seer Nostradamus, released a new interpretation of the 16th Century astrologer,’s cryptic quatrains in 2006.
One of the prophecies, Reading claims, says that the King would eventually abdicate in favour of his son, ending his reign prematurely. The successor to the throne of England, however, might not necessarily be William according to the Living Nostradamus.
Athos says that “the Prince of Wales also has the number two in his life, the same frequency as his father Charles III are super connected kabbalistically saying, but with a difference of revolutionizing the monarchy when he assumes the royalty.”