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LG wows with new DualCool Air Conditioner


LG Electronics has unveiled what many industry experts say is a revolutionary product into the Nigerian market. The new LG DualCool Premium floor standing air conditioner is luxury redefined.

The new product, which has embedded in it the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) features was introduced to the Nigerian market on October 21.

DualCool works with a wifi technology which allows users control the product with their smartphones.

The product, made in South Korea 14 months ago, is assembled in Nigeria by their partners, Fouani Nigeria.

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According to the Managing Director of Fouani, Mohammed Fouani, “the Nigerian market is the first outside of Korea to have the product.”

LG’s Regional President for Middle East and Africa, James Lee, said LG Electronics has come a long way in supporting millions of households with quality, cutting-edge technological products. The philosophy to technology and innovative designs has obviously endeared LG to consumers in Nigeria and all over the world.

The new product comes with AI features, which allow users interact with it in a variety of ways.

LG ThinQ feature in DualCool makes it easy for users to control the product with their smartphones.

With LG ThinQ, users can operate the air conditioner, change the mode or set the temperature from anywhere.

It also comes with air purifier which regulates the air round the environment. It senses pollutants in the air and works to purify it, moving from polluted to fresh, which is indicated with red, orange and green colour signals. This allows users know when the air around them is good or otherwise. “I believe the new LG DualCool Premium floor standing Air Conditioner will address the needs of our esteemed consumers who are health conscious and want to live a healthy lifestyle. The new air conditioner is a solution provider to all worries,