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Lawmakers slam Buhari over ‘pervasive insecurity’

President Muhammadu Buhari came under harsh criticism from senators and members of the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, over what they called ‘total collapse’ of the nation’s security architecture.                                                                                                                                                                                             The senators and representatives expressed their concerns over the killings, banditry, kidnapping, insurgency and the pervasive insecurity in the country.

The federal lawmakers expressed their hearts during plenary, on Tuesday.

During a debate on the motion on urgent national importance moved by Sen. Muhammed Sani Musa (Niger East) – the state where Boko Haram has hoisted its flag after sacking many villagers –  the House of Representatives also had their debate during an Executive Session, Sen. Smart Adeyemi painted a gory picture saying, “The nation is on fire.” He called on the President to “rise to the occasion”.

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According to Sen. Adeyemi, “We wouldn’t wait until our nation gets burnt. Let us shout and call for foreign support. I am an APC man and I’ve been supporting my party, but the President should get to know it has got to a point that we who are supporters and members of the APC can no longer keep quiet.

Sen. Adeyemi added, “The President must rise to the occasion. You will not see the truth and you are afraid to say it because you will die?”

Sen. Opeyemi Bamidele, on his part, said he was “not convinced that Mr. President is aware of everything that is happening.”

Sen. Birma Enagi (Niger South) said, “The situation has become so bad and shameful. Our women cannot go to the market, our women cannot go to fetch water from the rivers, our men cannot go to farm, our children cannot go to school.

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“Nigerians cannot continue to bear this pain of our women been raped and forcefully married to Boko Haram terrorists.

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“We cannot continue to allow Boko Haram to mount flags on Nigerian territory. What is our Army doing, what are the security agencies doing?

“The situation has become so shameful that a great country like Nigeria will be in this type of terrible situation.

“It seems like the federal government is handling this security situation with kid gloves. People are dying every day and nothing is being done, no serious or concrete situation on ground to confront these people.”

Also, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu said, “I think the time has come for a place like Niger State to be completely shut down to protect the citizens so that we can be able to save those who are still alive.

“Those who are killed in Nigeria on the basis of geo-political zones on a daily basis are more than the senators in this chamber.”