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Kneeling down to propose to a lady is abominable – Pete Edochie

Nigerian Actor and film producer, Chief Pete Edochie, says kneeling before a lady to propose to her is tantamount to surrendering one’s authority to her.

He said the act is outrageous and completely distasteful.

The Veteran actor said that the western tradition is wrong and such is not accepted in Igbo.

Edochie was of the notion that kneeling for a lady means handing over authority to her; as you are indirectly telling her to be the head of your family.

According to him, marriage in the Igbo tradition is when a lady gives her husband-to-be wine while kneeling down.

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Edochie continued by saying that it is the lady that kneels before her husband not vice-versa.

He said this tradition signifies that the man has been accepted by the lady as her husband.

He further said that it is the duty of the elders to correct the children of this generation who are following the western tradition.

The father of two, said, he did not kneel to propose to his wife and he has been married for 50 years.

He added that no one has ever settled disputes for them.