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Kiki Mordi accused of ‘hijacking’ BBC’s Sex for Grades documentary


Pascal Oparada

A BBC undercover documentary, Sex for Grades, which exposed predatory Nigerian lecturers in higher institutions is tearing supposedly old friends apart.

Kiki Mordi, real name, Nkiru Mordi, the voice and face of the documentary, is being accused by Oge Obi of ‘stealing’ her ideas and winning other grants from her efforts without recourse to her efforts.

According to Obi, she conceptualised and pitched the documentary to the BBC. Kiki Modi was only allowed to do the narration.

Obi has called Modi a talentless fluke, claiming that whatever Modi is or has achieved so far is because she stole her idea and made it hers.

There has not been any known response from Kiki Modi, but Nigerians on social media are shocked that Kiki sidelined the brain behind the viral documentary and has gone on to win other international grants and refused to share them with Obi.

“Lol. How did Oge let Kiki be the face of the undercover piece that brought her to international limelight? I can never fumble that kinda bag. Lol.

But speaking as someone who used to be friends with both ladies, I’m not shocked. Oge had to be the brains,” Harry Obi, who claims to be friends with both Obi and Modi, said.

Harry Obi said: “Kiki was simply hired to narrate the story. She wasn’t the undercover Journo in the lecturers’ offices, she didn’t come up with the idea, wasn’t in charge of research, etc. Her job was just to vibe on TV, and months down the line she has Emmy & MTV noms?

Feminist Hushpuppi.”

Another undercover reporter, Ruona Meyer, who did the Sweet Codeine, story advised Modi to ensure she shares the grant money with Oge Obi as that is the only way to get the honour.

In a long thread, Meyer said Modi is a danger to journalism. She said she was in the newsroom the day the ‘Sex for Grades’ story was pitched and approved.

“On a good day, clout chasers like you are why one may not deign to take calls or help others, but I will call you out so you do not ruin the chances for others. I sat in that newsroom when that story was pitched, which is why when I found out, I stopped promo-ing it as asked to,” Meyer said.

Other l social media users called Modi a leech who reaps where she did not sow.

The BBC documentary sent shockwaves across the Nigerian and African educational systems because it exposed lecherous lecturers who took advantage of students’ poor performance and naivete to prey on them sexually.