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No sex party was planned in my restaurant, owner of Kaduna demolished building says

 Pascal Oparada

Aisha Mercy Yakubu, owner of Asher Kings and Queens Restaurant demolished in Kaduna last week, has said there was no sex party planned in her restaurant.

In a statement on Saturday, Aisha said what happened was that unknown persons had printed flyers of a purported sex party and used her restaurant as the venue.

She said her business is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a restaurant and event centre and not a hotel.

According to her, a day before the demolition, a customer had booked the entire first floor, which is a VIP lounge as the venue to meet and appreciate his customers for patronising his business

According to her, before the event was due to commence, she noticed that there were unusual movements in her business premises.

“Before the event proper commenced, a friend of mine and I noticed an unusual movement around the main gate to the restaurant, as it was half opened to avoid a crowded environment. We approached the main gate and on getting there I saw two truckloads of heavily armed officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF),” she said.

“I asked the team leader what was going on but he ignored my question and said he will explain to me when we get to the Police Station, Sabon Tasha Division.

Suspected planners of the sex party

“When we arrived at the Police station, my customer, who accompanied me to the station, enquired what the matter was and the police showed us a poster on a GSM phone belonging to one of the officers by name Inspector Felix. It was a poster of an event titled; KADUNA SEX PARTY, which the Police claimed the venue for the supposed ‘sex party’ was scheduled to hold at my restaurant, even though with no address of where it will take place on the poster.

“I denied knowledge of that event as there was nothing of that sort taking place at the restaurant and I wouldn’t stoop so low to entertain such illicit activity at my place, but the police refused to believe me and had my friend and two of my staff detained for one night, one day until the customer that had earlier hired the place for usage on that fateful day was also arrested the next day.”

Yakubu said she was released after paying N100,000 for bail to one police officer called Felix.

“I noticed how incompetent the NPF were, i suggested to them to call the number on the supposed ‘Kaduna Sex Party’ poster, which they immediately put a call through and a name came out using the True Caller App as MARVELLOUS AKPAN,” she said.

She said she lost her pregnancy due to the traumatic experience and threatened to seek redress in the court.