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Japan battles influenza epidemic, infection rate highest on record

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said on Friday that the nation is contending with a flu epidemic with a record-high number of patients being diagnosed.

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According to the ministry, an average of 57.09 patients were diagnosed with influenza at each medical facility conducting tests for the virus, with the figures gathered for the seven days through Sunday being the highest number since data gathering on the virus began in 1999.

The figure compares with a per-institution peak logged last winter of 54.33, the ministry said, adding that around 2.23 million people have been diagnosed with influenza in the recording period, an increase of around 100,000 cases from January 25.

The ministry said that 3,205 patients have been hospitalised due to influenza of which 628 are in a severe condition, with the numbers comparing to peaks last winter of 2,050 patients being hospitalised of which 379 cases were severe.

A total of 7.64 million people are estimated to have been affected by the virus across the country.  (NAN)