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India 75th Independence: How India-Nigeria relationship has  continued to grow the economy –Mirchandani

Ayodele Olalere

As the Indian nation celebrates its 75th Indian Independence Anniversary today, August 15, 2022, the Chairman, Sona Group of Industries, a Nigeria based India owned company, A.K.Mirchandani, an industrialist and entrepreneur, who has taken pride in being a proud Indian and Nigerian, has said the relationship between Nigeria and India over the years has contributed a lot to the growth of the Nigeria economy.

Having spent over four decades doing business in Nigeria, Mirchandani said he has used his company to build and develop Nigeria’s economy.

While congratulating the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on the nation’s independence making all Indians very proud, Mirchandani said India had embarked on a lot of reforms that have helped to increase its population, economy and taxes.

He described the Prime Minister as a fearless leader that has meted great punishment on corrupt citizens, which has brought multiple growths in defence and the economy of India.

He added the 75th Indian Independence Day is a good year to be marked as a celebration of freedom.

“I  believe  Indians should be proud of their freedom and enjoy the freedom. India has grown economically, and industrially and huge numbers of multinational companies in Nigeria and India have common fronts we will continue to work In cooperation.

India has a lot of army training institutes and expertise that Nigeria can benefit from. I believe there are a lot of Indians in Nigeria enjoying freedom. Our religion taught us to always help humans because everyone is important. We train our young people just like USA & Switzerland to defend our country; we don’t want to be at the mercy of anyone because sometimes it may be already too late to be at the mercy of anyone or groups like rebels who may come to attack us from time to time. I urge  Indians to  keep the focus on freedom and value their freedom.”

Mirchandani says indo -Nigeria relationship will continue to grow if both nations continue to understand each other.

” Both countries are still growing and have contributed a lot to the world, Nigeria requires more and more contribution to India to get technology that can be brought into the country. There is good relationship and businesses available in India for Nigerians ranging from industries to computer software.

We have a relationship with Indian companies based in Nigeria who help in the supply of spare parts for machines. It is good to have cooperation and understanding which can bring harmony,” he said.

Mirchandani said his company, Sona Group of Industries, has weathered several challenges in Nigeria to remain in business.

“We have taken the obligation to do maximum possibilities. If you live in a country you must feel the country is yours and you must live for them. Don’t look at the challenges but look at possibilities that can develop the country. We have done a lot of development and we will continue to do more,” he promised.

Mirchandani further said his company’s focus thrives on the diversification of products such as agricultural-based food, Agro & Allied Ltd, Sona Agro Allied Food Ltd are in production which produces glucose syrup, malt extract, brewing extract, production of high-quality snacks, soft and hard dough biscuits wafers and chocolates.


In the packaging sector, he added the company is also a major player in the production of flexible packaging solutions, lamination of self-adhesive labels,  shrink stretch films, mono cartons makers of world-class recycled plastic, pallets, beverage crates, plastic furniture, household items, closure and container which are manufactured by  Shongai Limited  Technologies & Shongai Packaging Industry Limited.


Other areas he said the company had contributed to Nigeria’s economy are in the manufacturing of world-class carbonated soft drinks, wines and spirits, various industrial gases like oxygen nitrogen argon carbon dioxide, while the company also producers 500ml 50litres plastic jerry cans, plastic coolers, cosmetic Jars pharma bottles and others.