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‘I’m happy to be a kid because my mommy begs me not to cry’

If you think that kids may be in a hurry to grow into adults, you had better reconsider. Little Darasimi told Ola Ganiu that she cherishes being a kid because of the attention lavished on her. Could that be how other kids feel?

Good day girl.

Thank you.

How are you?


Could you tell me your name?

My name is Oniyide Darasimi.

What a lovely name; could you tell me the meaning?

 Darasimi means good to me.

Really, who told you so?

My mommy.

Are you good to your mommy and daddy?


In what way?

I help my mommy to wash plate and clothes.

How old are you?

I’m six years old.

In what class are you?

Basic 1

What is the name of your school?

The name of my school is Manbee College International School.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Nurse .

Why did you choose nurse?

So, that I can give sick people injection.

So, you like to inject people?



Because it will heal them.

But do you know that injection is painful?

Yes; I will tell them sorry.

How old is your mum?

Hmmm, 41 years.

How do you know?

Because my mum is tall.

What is your mom’s favourite colour.


Who told you that?

She likes to wear blue cloth every time.

What is your mom’s favourite food?

I think beans because she always  said let’s cook beans today and tomorrow.

How tall is your mom?

Plenty tall but my daddy is the tallest.

What is your mom’s name?


I mean her real name…

Yes, that’s what my daddy calls her.

What do you like best about your mommy?

She always gives me her phone to play games.

Which kind of game do you play on her phone!

Subway surf.

Are you an adult or kid

I’m a kid nah.

How do you know that you are a kid?

Because I am a small baby.

Do you like being a kid?



Because if I cry my mummy will beg me  not to cry again.