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‘I want to become an Accountant’

Oh, little damsel, you look beautiful; what is your name?

Thanks, sir; my name is Tyra Uka.

How old are you?

I am 10 years old.

Which school do you attend?

I attend Aaresther Divine School at Ajao Estate Isolo, Lagos State.

What class are you in?

I am in Primary six.

Why do you go to school?

I go to school to learn.

What is that you have learnt from going to school?

I have learnt to be able to read and write and also be responsible.

What do you want to become in future?

I want to become an Accountant

Why do you want to become an Accountant?

I want to become an Accountant because I like counting.

Do you like money?


  Do you have parents?


Who among them do you like more?

My dad.

Why do you like your dad more?

I like him more because he does not flog me.

Why doesn’t he flog me?

He warns you before and when he warns you, you don’t do it again.

What if you do what he asked you not to do again?

He warns you again but if you fill your cup, he will beat you.

What other things do you see in your dad that makes you like him?

He is friendly

Do you go to church?


Why do you go to church?

Because I love God and I also go to church to worship God and listen to His words.

What do you do in church?

I listen to the words of God

Who is God?

God is my creator

Who created God?

Nobody created God

How did you know?

My Bible tells me that.

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Why wasn’t God created?

I don’t know.

Why didn’t you ask?

Anytime I ask they tell me they do not know who created God

How often do you read the Bible?

I read the Bible twice a week.

What is your best colour?

My best colour is Yellow.

What is your best food?

My best food is rice.

What do you like doing?

I like reading and playing.