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I don’t know if I love Nigeria – Joy Obunike

While Nigeria celebrated her 59th Independence anniversary, there was controversy whether the anniversary was worth celebrating or not. However, little Joy Obunike was confused by what is happening around her and she confessed to Blessing Wogu that she’s not sure if she felt any love for the country.


What is your name?

My name is Joy Obudike.

How old are you?

I am six years old.

What is the name of your school?

Pasture Gate Nursery & Primary School.

What class are you?

I am in Basic 2.

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Describe your school

My school is good and the teachers teach well.

Do you love food?


What is your best food?

Yam and sauce.


Because it is delicious.

Can you cook?

Ah! I’m not in cooking club

Do they have a club for cooking?

No, but they learn how to cook.

What is your best subject?

English language.

Who is your best teacher?

Miss Seun.


Because she is kind.

What will you like to be in future?

A teacher.

Why not a doctor?

I want to be a teacher so that I can be able to teach children how to read and write.

Do you have a hobby?


What is hobby?

The thing I like to do after school.



So, you cannot combine hobby with schoolwork?



My aunty will beat me.

Beat you; but you told me she is kind.

Yes, but when you do bad you will be punished.

Are you saying it is not good to combine schoolwork with hobby?


So, there is different time for hobby?



When I’m through with my homework and want to relax.

Okay, what is your hobby?

I have two hobbies – singing and dancing.


It makes me happy.

Do you have a father?

Yes nah, and mommy too.

Where are they?

They are in our house.

Somebody told me his father is God; is your own daddy God?



God is the father of everyone, including my daddy.

So, your daddy cannot be the daddy of his daddy?

Yes nah.

What are your favourite colours?

Pink,Orange and Red

Are there things you don’t like?


Like what?

I hate fighting.

What is the name of your country?


Do you love Nigeria?

I don’t know.

You don’t know?

Yes, things are difficult.

Would you love their country if things were not difficult?

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Of course nah.

Did you wish Nigeria Happy Birthday?



Many people are not happy.

It is good to live your country and wish her well.


So, wish Nigeria happy birthday nah…

Happy Birthday, Nigeria!