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Hamas’ terrorist who paraded dead body of Israeli woman meets waterloo

A notorious Hamas terrorist infamous for parading the dead body of Shani Louk, an Israeli woman, in the back of a pick-up truck around Gaza has been killed.

According Times Algebra, the Hamas terrorist was shot dead by the Israeli Defense Force, IDF, on Wednesday.

This development comes amid Israeli continuous invasion of Gaza following its determination to eliminate Hamas terrorists whom they describe as ‘wicked actors’.

Yesterday, the death of a Palestinian man killed by Hamas terrorists just because he was caught on camera asking an Israeli soldier for direction in Gaza caused intense emotional reactions online.

According to Mossad’s publication, all the Palestinian man did was asking which way he is allowed to go.
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His death adds up to the death toll in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.
@Sir-tee, a commenter said: “This is how evil and barbaric Hamas is, but the Media will not see this to condemn.”
Jerry Daniel, an American reporter posited: “We hope the war ends soon.”

Another publication about Hamas’ ‘wickedness’ towards civilians in Gaza made the rounds on November 12th, 2023, when Israeli troops risked their lives to hand-deliver 300 liters of fuel to the Shifa hospital in Gaza for urgent medical purposes after Hamas-run health ministry but the terrorists prevented the hospital from receiving the fuel.

According to Israeli Defense Force, IDF, Hamas forbade the hospital from receiving the fuel without any reason.