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Good Friday: Live life of sacrifice, Catholic Bishop tasks Christians

The Catholic Bishop of Oyo State Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Badejo, has urged Christians to use the significance of Good Friday to live sacrificially and be content with what they had.

Badejo made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan on Friday.

He also urged Nigerians, especially Christians, to deemphasize the mad hunger for money, position, power and pleasure, stressing that such attitude led to cheating, deceit, killings and other social vices.

“Hunger makes us victims of false preachers, rogue politicians, fraudsters, con men, among others, poverty, sickness are a result of disordered lifestyle, society and unfair distribution of resources.

“We must shun utilitarian Christianity and live what we believe, celebrate the passion of Jesus, for there is power in the blood of Jesus and He is the one who makes this Good Friday good,” he said.

According to the Bishop,Good Friday is the day Christians commemorate the sacrifice Jesus Christ made out of love to save the world.

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“It is called ‘Good’ because it brought our salvation, it calls for us to be cross compliant so as not to lose God’s favour, we should do good, be sober, humble, patient, selfless like Christ.”

Rev. Alexander Okoye, All Saints Anglican Church, Koroduma, Nasarawa, said Good Friday signified Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for the atonement of man’s sins.

“The wicked, sinful nature of man, was put to death on the cross and was rendered ineffective, His death gave Christians direct access to God.

Also, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Oyo state branch Chairman, Pastor Benjamin Akanmu, urged Christians to forsake sin, take back their rightful position and do away with ungodliness.

Akanmu also called on Christians to live a life of sacrifice so as to obtain peace in their lives and the society.

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“Man lost his glory, relationship in the Garden of Eden in the beginning, but Jesus came to die for us to reconcile mankind to his maker.

“He has brought us forgiveness, He did this because He loves us, wants us to be at peace with Him.

“We thank God for Jesus, who is the only way to God for our salvation by the reason of His death and resurrection from death,” he said.

NAN reports that Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday, is observed by Christians on the Friday before Easter. It is a day Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s passion, Crucifixion and death on the cross of Calvary.

Many churches in Ibadan, especially the Catholic and Anglican ones, commemorated the day by holding services called ‘Station of the Cross, Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross’. (NAN)