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Friday Sermon: Cleric preaches piety, warns against satanic lust

Razaq Bamidele

Founder, Chief Missioner of Zawiyatul Sofwatel Rahmatil Islaniyyat (ZASRAM), Kasolayo Central Mosque, Ota, Ogun State, Shiekh Imam Abdulrazaq Abdul Hameed Onaolapo Kasolayo has urged the congregation to always imbibe pious conduct in their day to day activities.

Kasolayo made the appeal Friday in his weekly Khutubah where he also warned against satanic lust that pushes people to engage in social vices like money rituals, kidnapping, armed robbery and banditry, lamenting that, rampant occurrence of evils is a sign of the end time, the period people are admonished to move closer to God with good deeds and godly endeavours.

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According to the youthful cleric, the only panacea against satanic lust is piety that makes man to be contented with what God has provided for him, asserting that contentment and accepting the provisions the Almighty Allah provides for individuals in good faith always put man’s mind at rest.

Quoting copiously from the glorious Qur’an and prophetic narrations, Imam Onaolapo also laid too much emphasis on gratitude for Allah’s mercies and favours in one’s life, stressing that, “Verily, Allah loves the pious ones and those who are contented with the provisions that God has blessed them with.”

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Conclusively, Imam Abdulrazaq Onaolapo Kasolayo ended the sermon with the natural weekly three dos and three donts that always round off the Fridays’ Islamic sermons thus: “God has ordained that you be just, fair and do good to the kits and kins, just as he forbids hatred, enmity and rebellion so you be guided always.”
People, Kasolayo said, should remember that, since death is sure to take everybody back to his Creator to render account of his stewardship, “we should therefore do good always because we do not know when our appointed time would come to bid this life farewell.