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Four commandments of short dresses

We all love short dresses, they make us feel very feminine, sexy and really pretty. More than often, however, some girls get it all wrong, so, they end up with the most disapproving look. Below are some tips to help you wear short dresses right:

*It must allow you breathe – Even a blind man can tell when someone close is finding it hard to breathe, let alone those with two good eyes. If you know you have to keep sucking in your stomach because it’s not flat, then, that dress is just not comfortable for you, don’t buy it.

* Make sure it fits you- Short dresses come in different sizes, lengths and styles. If you’re going to buy a short dress, buy something that fits. Don’t buy it because all your friends have it or because it is in vogue. You may end up a laughing stock if you fail to heed this advice.

* Be sure your legs are smooth and straight – If you are hairy, you have a billion spots on your legs, you have yams at the back of your legs, stay away from short dresses. For the hairy girls, if you must do short dresses, get waxed or at least, shave your legs. We don’t want to see hairy girls running around in short dresses. It can be disgusting. If you like being hairy, no problem, just don’t wear short dresses. Even if the dress is really pretty and it looks good on you, people won’t notice because the hair on your legs will totally distract them.

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* Cut your coat (dresses in this case) according to your thighs! – If you have huge thighs, don’t wear dresses that show them. Even if you are proud of your size, you won’t look pretty.

We can all be hot definitely but in our own ways. If you don’t have the body structure of a model, don’t dress like one because you will only ruin it.