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Fasoranti’s daughter’s murder: It’s time to take war to the enemy, says Oyinlola

A former governor of Osun State, Col. Olagunsoye Oyinlola (rtd) has said that the recent upsurge in the activities of bandits and killer herdsmen across the country was a declaration of war against Nigeria.

He, therefore, urged the Federal Government to be alive to its responsibilities and take the war into the homes of the criminals, without allowing politics to becloud their actions.

Oyinlola said this in a message he personally released to the media and made available to the Nigerian Xpress, on Monday.

The statement read thus, “The murder of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin in broad daylight came as a shock and a rude reminder to all of us that our country is in terrible times. “This is a time for all patriots to be sober and reflect on how we got to this Hobbesian point when life has become nasty, brutish and short.

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“With this tragic incident and the several reported and unreported ones across the country, particularly in the South West, it is time to say: ENOUGH. Bi owo ko ba see san, a maa ka l’eri ni.

“Certainty of arrest and severity of punishment are time-tested deterrents to crimes and criminality.

“Criminal, evil-minded persons will always have a free reign where impunity is condoned. Government must not be emotional about arrest and punishment.

“The government has a lot of work to do to convince Nigerians that it is for the law-abiding citizens and that these criminals are not above the law.

“Government must never be seen as being hostage to or complicit of crime and criminality.

“Governments exist to protect lives and properties; they do not exist to release condolence messages after each avoidable death as this.

“These criminals have declared a war against our nation and we should take the war to them. The Federal Government is expected to lead this war without bringing politics into it and without any emotional bias against the law.

“One of the reasons some of us backed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 was his perceived competence in security matters, given his training and status as a General of the Nigerian Army.

“He needs to redeem his image now that deadly criminals have taken over the land, rubbishing all he has ever lived for.

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“He needs to come out clearly now, address the nation, outlining clearly his war plans to safeguard the lives and property of all Nigerians in all states.

“Nigerians want to hear him directly not through an aide or a party chief. He is the one they voted for as Commander-in-Chief, not someone else.

“I appeal to Nigerians to be vigilant, decisive, cooperate with security agencies and more importantly, join in this war against insecurity and impunity.

“We must hold our government responsible for whatever happens to our lives and property and give it whatever assistance it may need to get this done.”

He used the statement to sympathise with father of the deceased, “Pa Fasoranti, the children, husband and family of the deceased, the government and people of Ondo State, the Afenifere family and the Yoruba people home and abroad on this unfortunate incident.

“May God repose the soul of the departed. This tragic incident must be the last.”