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Erubami, activist in politics rejects APC Primary election in his Federal Constituency

Heads to court to seek redress

A renowned human rights activist and pro-democracy fighter, Comrade Moshood Erubami has rejected the primary election of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Egbeda, ONA Ara Federal Constituency of Oyo State, describing the exercise as a sham!

In a statement personally signed and made available to the media at the weekend,

Erubami, who is the President of a pro-democracy organization, the Voters Assembly (VOTAS), informed that, based on his observation of irregularities, “I have briefed my Solicitors to head for court to remedy the fraudulent malpractices that were (allegedly) embedded in the primary election that was concocted by the incumbent House of Representatives Candidate in Egbeda ONA Ara Federal Constituency on Thursday 2nd June, 2022 at the Party’s Secretariat, Segelu Area, on New Ife Road Ibadan.”

According to him,  “for upward of four times, the arranged primaries failed to hold as a result of lack of transparency in the arrangement for the primaries, refusal to release the list of delegates before the primary even on the purported election day notwithstanding the insistence of Aspirants to have access to the list!”

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All these, he explained, happened in the presence of invited Stakeholders, like the Police, Civil Defence Corps, INEC and the DSS from the two local Government Council Areas.

The angry Development Finance Expert and Human Rights Activist frowned at the manner in which the purported Primary election was conducted with fake votes allocated to him when he was not party to the election because no list of delegates was made available to him before the election and he could not canvass for delegates’ votes.

Also, the statement further complained that he could not secure the support of unknown delegates before the Primary election and even on the purported Election Day.

“To our consternation, a video that went viral reported that an election held and that figures of votes were allocated to me and my co-contestants when we were not given the list of delegates that should have been mobilized to vote for us! Yet the incumbent was declared winner in a primary election that never held with us!

“The hiding of Delegates list was not the issue in the recently concluded Presidential Primary held in Abuja, Delegates list was released some days to the primary and aspirants went out to address the delegates and canvassed for their votes hence the voting on the primary Election Days were peaceful, free and fair.

“The person declared to have won did on the popular votes of the delegates because, the National leadership made the list of delegates available and presidential aspirants were able to see and interact with the delegates before presidential primary election exercise.”

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Erubami, in the statement queried why the Delegate list in Egbeda ONA Ara Federal Constituency was not released?! Which list was then used to conduct the so called election from where the incumbent Akin Alabi emerged as winner?

It was against this background that the activist cum politician rejected the votes allocated to him and the totality of the election processes for reasons of substantial noncompliance with the party’s directives, guidelines and provisions of the electoral Act.

Comrade Erubami, who was the former head of National election Observation Group in Nigeria and first Executive Chairman of the West Africa Election Observation Network (WAEON) decided to fight for his Democratic Rights in the Court of law, saying, if his rights could be this infringed and he could not rise to use  his rights of recourse to law, ordinary Nigerians will not benefit from the rule of law!

Apart from his readiness to engage Teams of Lawyers to fight the inpunities in the election before a competent Court of law, he said, he will also challenge the submission of the names of the so-called Winner in the alleged improper election of Mr Akin Alabi, through the Independent National Electoral Commission, ( INEC), given the position that the Election Management Commission had stressed the facts that “Only the name of a Candidate that emerged through a democratically conducted primaries can be submitted to it.”

For the Purposes of Emphasis, the statement reminded that INEC had warned thus: “Only names of candidates that emerged from democratic primaries as provided by Sec. 84 of the Electoral Act 2022 shall be submitted” He claimed he shall rely on this to fight for his Democratic Rights.

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Erubami affirmed that having exhausted all the Channels of Complaints and Appeals in the Party through the Appeal Panel set up by the Party and through direct Petition to the National Secretary of the party with copies to the Legal Department of the party in Abuja without reprieve, the best possible next line of action was to head for the Court of Law against the outcome of the “purported” party’s primaries, “assumed” to have taken place in the federal constituency.

This he believed would halt the determination of certain political infidels who are determined to halt the laws from ruling through turning the Party’s directives and regulations upside down.