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Economic depression not enough to commit suicide – Analyst

Mr Anjous Yinka, an Economist and Public Affairs Analyst, has said that financial challenges were not enough reasons for anyone to commit suicide.

He condemned the rising cases of suicide in the country.

Yinka said this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday, in Osogbo.

He said, that “the rate of suicide is on the rise now, people may want to think some are due to economic reason, but it is far from it.

“We have been having economic depression all these while and it never led to this level of self-killings.

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“I think these killings are basically due to the fact that our people cannot really think deep on how to come out of the financial challenges facing them.

“We have been spoon fed for a very long time by the federal, state and local governments in terms of jobs availability/opportunities and now that there seems to be no jobs, people cannot think deep on what they can do.

Yinka advised youths to think well on what they can do to sustain themselves and not give up on life and urged them to start small businesses that could alleviate some of their plights.

“Though there are problems, but on the flip side, these problems create opportunities; the more problems, the more opportunities and solutions.

“I have seen people recycling items described as waste, being creative and turning used tyres to household decorations like furniture.

“People should think of lucrative and productive businesses that will sustain them financially rather than resorting to suicide because of economic challenges.’’ he said. (NAN)