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Dressing up for your man

Do you know that it is most embarrassing that many women, even in spite of their beauty and many years in marriage, still lose their husbands to other women on a daily basis?

It is indeed a wonder to me because these other women that they popularly call ‘strange’ women have the same features they have, speak like they do and move around on the same too legs like them. So, exactly what can be responsible for this development? Well, some have argued that most men are insatiable and as a matter of fact, an average Nigeria man is naturally polygamous regardless of their religious belief.

From my own observations, however, I have discovered that majority of women don’t appreciate the power God has given them, so, they do not know how to apply it.

The point that I am trying to make here is that the inability of you, as a woman to put into use every asset you have been naturally endowed with to keep your man closely tied to your skirt makes you guilty of chasing your own man out. Whether you agree or not, you have all it takes to keep him glued to you 24/7.

Women have the power to turn on few of the wildest fantasies of men with their seductive looks. Unfortunately, instead of many to reinforce this, they seek solace in visiting different prayer mountains to help them win the love of their husbands. No, No, you don’t need to go that far to secure the attention of your man. See, to make your marriage more beneficial, it is very important for you to know how to attract your husband in bed.

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First is to bear in mind that every man is different and each man has his own definition of attractiveness and taste. To some, it is anything fitted. To others, it is anything flowing but beautiful. Besides dresses, while most men love plaited hair-dos, others simply want sophisticated weaves. One fact that is, however, general to them all is that they are more easily aroused than women and dressing in a sensuous way is one of the best ways to seduce any man.

There are certain ways that you can dress up that will drive your husband crazy and make him want you like a rare delicacy. Just make sure that whatever you decide to wear should enhance your assets and make you look sexy. Even a pastor or the most heavily bearded imam appreciates sensuous dressing. It’s just that this set of people desires that you keep those provocative wears for their eyes only. So, it is important that you identify your man’s likes and go the way he wants it and you will have his eyes only for you always. Here are few guides to some wears that can weaken your man as well as bring back the sizzle into your bed:

Sexy Laces and Lingerie

Wearing sexy lingerie and laces will make you feel more attractive, feminine, confident and most importantly, sexier! Lingeries will definitely attract your husband sexually. No matter what your body shape or size is, find the best lingerie to attract and sizzle your husband. Pick something that will make you look more flattering, sexy and confident. Pick up bold colours and bold lingerie. Laces are an instant turn-on for men. This will help your man know that you have something sexy going on in your mind. Ensure to make your choice short to reveal some irresistible assets to him.

Role Playing Costumes

To get your husband’s imagination running wild, it is very important to know what and how to dress for sex. If your guy loves role playing, then the role playing costumes are the perfect option to seduce your husband. Such costumes will definitely spice up your sex. These clothing items men find sexy is sure to give you both a wild night of passion. So, get ready to be anything in your bedroom and your husband will find it sexy if you play out a secret fantasy.