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Disciples of Jagaban North Central zone organises special prayer for Tinubu, Nigeria at Arafat in Saudi Arabia

Foremost Tinubu support group, Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ), has organised a special prayer session on Arafat day in honour of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu.
In an interview with the organiser of the special prayer session, Engr. Mohammed W. Yahaya, Coordinator DOJ North Central, said it became necessary to organize the special prayer on this special day and place in order to seek God’s intervention and protection for the Tinubu administration particularly against fifth columnists and other enemies of Nigeria who may not want to see the country flourish.
Engr. Yahaya said members of the DOJ did not regret stimulating and facilitating the candidature and subsequently voting for President Tinubu during the last election because even in his short stay at the helm of affairs of the country, he has demonstrated remarkable leadership to convince every Nigerian on his capacity to move the country forward by his bold decisions and by giving priority to competence rather than political considerations.

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The group, however, pointed out that there is every need for Nigerians to offer prayers for President Tinubu because to every action, there is an opposite reaction.
“Enemies within and outside the country may not be happy with the developmental agenda of Mr. President as it affect their selfish and unprogressive interests, therefore wouldn’t want the administration to succeed. It’s because of these reasons and more that it has become necessary for Nigerians to pray for the success of The President Tinubu administration, especially against fifth columnists who may not want to see the masses of the country to have new lease of life.
“This informed our decision to organize this special prayer on the Arafat day for the President as he is doing his best to make our country great and for God to protect him,” Engr. Yahaya said.