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Death will be ‘optional’ and ageing ‘curable’ – genetic engineers

Two genetic engineers said that dying would become ‘optional’ within just 27 years and that the ageing process would become ‘reversible by 2045, according to a report.

José Cordeiro, born in Venezuela to a Spanish parent and mathematician David Wood from UK made the revelation on Monday at their book presentation entitled, ‘The Death of Death’. The event was held in Barcelona, Spain.

According to the report, Cordeiro who is based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S. said he had ‘chosen not to die’ and that in 30 years’ time, he would be ‘younger than he is today’.

The report published in Think-Spain news revealed that the duo, who founded the operating system ‘Symbian’, said that immortality was a real and scientific possibility that could come much earlier than originally thought.

It said that the process would involve turning ‘bad’ genes into healthy ones and eliminating dead cells from the body.

“It will also involve repairing damaged cells, carrying out treatments with stem cells and ‘printing’ vital organs in 3D.

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“Humans will only die in accidents, never of natural causes or illness by around the year 2045.

“It is crucial that old age starts to be classified as an illness so that publicly-funded research into its cure can extend,”the report said.

It said that Nanotechnology was key, among other new genetic manipulation techniques.

In the report, the engineers said that ageing was the result of DNA ‘tails’, known as ‘telomeres’, in chromosomes – of which every cell except red blood and sex cells has 23 pairs.

The report said that becoming shorter and reversing ageing involves lengthening the telomeres.

“Telomeres become damaged and shortened with the passage of time, a process that speeds up in the event of toxins entering the body – smoking, alcohol and air pollution are among elements that reduce the length of telomeres, thus accelerating ageing,”it said.

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The report further said that major international corporations such as Google would be ‘entering the field of medicine’ because they are ‘beginning to realise that curing ageing was possible’.

“The engineers believe that within 10 years, illnesses such as cancer will be curable,”the report said.

It said that immortality would not necessarily mean the planet becomes over crowded because there was plenty of room for more people on earth.

“These days, people do not have anywhere near as many children as they did in past decades and centuries. Also, it will be possible to live in space by then,”it said.

On the cost, the report said that initially, it would be expensive, but with a competitive market, the price would gradually fall because it would benefit everyone.

The report said the cost of anti-ageing treatment would be compared to that of the latest Smartphones. (NAN)