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Current heat wave Nigerians now sleeps outside

Daniel Anokwuru
Nigerians have been experiencing unprecedented excessive heat in general temperature. Resident in almost all the states of the federation now lament extreme temperatures.
The sun is overhead throughout West Africa over Nigeria during this period of the sun’s northward migration to the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere.
Checks by The Nigerian Xpress reporter revealed that most Nigerians now sleeps outside of their apartment. Since the beginning of 2019, the temperature rose to around 35-38 degrees Celsius for some parts of Nigeria. The ozone layer which is supposed to protect people from the excess heat is affected by climate change.

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Mr. Nkemjika Momah an auto electrician told the reporter that the heat has forced him to adopt a new lifestyle. He said that he now visits the swimming pool in company of his friends to cool off after work. He maintained that all the pool they have visited were filled up with people.
Mrs. Chioma Echefu, a mother of 4 posited that they now take their bath up to 4 times before morning. She said: “Me and my children now take our bath up to 4 times before morning, we still sleep outside before everywhere is hot even the outside is not comfortable”.

Prophet Jude Nduka stressed that he recently acquired new Air Conditioner system hoping that it would help but the new appliance did not give desired result. He said: “I just bought an LG Air Conditioner but we still sleep outside every night. The situation is very bad. You cannot wear suit again now because the heat will suffocate you”.