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COVID- 19: Lockdown compliance across Nigeria

By Pascal Oparada

How are Nigerians complying with the lockdown measures put in place by various state governments in Nigeria?

Going by digital footprints, some areas have recorded close to 80 per cent compliance while others are yet to understand what it means.

The four states affected are Lagos, Ogun, Delta and Abuja.

Data from Google Trends suggests that Lagos residents are in 90 per cent compliance.

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Ogun State, where the lockdown goes into full throttle midnight today after a five-day extension, has recorded 88 per cent compliance by residents.

In Abuja, the compliance level is 76 per cent and Delta State has recorded 100 per cent compliance following the death of a soldier and a resident of the state on Thursday.

People in Ogun and Lagos states are asking if there will be a relaxation of the curfew and if the banks would operate tomorrow.

Lockdown-related searches include the death of people allegedly killed by security operatives in various parts of the country.

In Abuja, residents are interested in markets opening. They are also interested in knowing if there is a new case of Coronavirus in the state.

Other searches include new cases in Osun, Lagos and Edo states.

As more states announce their own lockdown measures, more queries would be generated by netizens who seek to know what the government are doing.