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COVID-19: Come to Maharaj village for isolation -Satguru Maharaj Ji

…says ginger, garlic are cures

Christine Onwuachumba

The leader of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj ji has said his ashram in Ibadan is a safe place for those who wish to self-isolate themselves adding that there is enough place for as many as 1500 people. 

He stated these on Friday at a press conference held in his Lagos ashram, adding that Nigerians do not need to panic over the virus because they already have cure. 

“As a matter of fact, those intending to self-isolate themselves for some days for fear of contracting Coronavirus should come down to Maharaj Ji Village at Ibadan. 

“All Nigerians need to do is get enough garlic, ginger and pepper and grind them together, boil and filter for all to take a shot in the morning, afternoon and evening and Cornavirus will disappear. The black man should stop aping the whites, or else get ready for tsunami, tornadoes earthquakes,’ he stated. 

He continued that the outbreak of Cornavirus is a significant nature’s timely warning for man and an abomination created by man, out of hatred for himself, has evoked the wrath of the seven elements in creation. 

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“Hence there is urgent imperative for man to change his attitude to life, if he actually desires to be part of this creation. For lovers and the pure-hearted whose life is based on don’t commit sin, Coronavirus is a ruse.  I am therefore using this medium to inform the global community that Coronavirus is dead,” he stated. 

On this hand, he added that the panic measures so far taken by the government across the world crippled the world and should be reversed.

“Hence, all imported items from abroad meant to check the spread of the virus in Nigeria should not be used at first but must be thoroughly screened. The importation of second hands clothing materials must stop,”  he stated. 

Meanwhile, he applauded the ministers who ordered a 50 percent slash of their March salary to support the fight against the virus, “this salary slash should continue after this period. Salary should come down permanently.

The police are supposed to be catered for more. The emergence of this virus has showed that our leaders have failed. They have failed to first seek natural solution to the virus. The negative impact of these negatives on our lives is because we are not listening to nature. This also shows clearly that religious rites and rituals, holy ghost fire, spiritual revivals through crusades and prayers warriors have all failed man,” he stated. 

Maharaj Ji concluded that there is a need to change and there will be a way to overcome any problem facing man.