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Beat the heat with off-the-shoulder style

Of all the items in our closets, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses win the gold medal to tackle this season of heat. They are stylish and versatile, reasons that have kept them a popular pick season after season. Fun, flirty,

Get dramatic with your sleeves

One cute style that has taken over the fashion stage is the "dramatic" sleeves style. Whether in dresses, up and down skirts and blouses or simply blouses and wrapper, these stylish sleeves will surely stand you out. Ever since they

Hair that speaks

From cherry blonde, charcoal mink, smoky pink, copper velvet, micro and million braids to rainbow wigs and just multi-coloured tips, more ladies are exploring and championing colourful hairdos, all over the place. To do this

Seeing Double

The next time you have a classic outing with the ankara, as the ''Aso Ebi", do not feel confused about the style to go for. Needless to tell you that the ankara fabric is just here to stay, not for any other thing but for its adaptability

Four commandments of short dresses

We all love short dresses, they make us feel very feminine, sexy and really pretty. More than often, however, some girls get it all wrong, so, they end up with the most disapproving look. Below are some tips to help you wear short dresses

Would you wear a turtle neck?

Turtlenecks are a hot fashion trend right now but not many people are bold to have it on. Whatever their reasons, they just won’t dare. Whereas turtlenecks require just a little maneuvering and tasteful setting in place to look just right,…

7 ways to make your lipstick last longer

By Mutiat Lawore Have you ever had to check out your makeup after a long day out only to find out that all that's left of your lipstick looks like a line drawn across your lips? Something about lipstick is that it has the power to…

Going Nude

For sure, red lipsticks are must-haves for every stylish lady but nude knows no bounds. Before you go exploring, know that nude lipsticks, can be tricky. They run the risk of washing off the wearer and some tend to turn cakey when you were…