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Canada’s 2020 Report on Immigration in Favour of Africa

…As ALTEC leads pathway to easy migration for the continent

Razaq Bamidele

Reports have confirmed that the release of the 2020 report on immigration matters by the Canadian Government to her parliament on, Africans are said to be favoured by the plan as it would pave way for millions of migrants to migrate the country.

According to reports, a Toronto-based Immigration and Business consulting firm, ALTEC Global Inc., established in 1992 has commenced move to facilitate regular migration especially for the Africans.

The facilitation, if successful, would favour ambitious business men, graduates, families, skilled and various types of workers to relocate to Canada by availing them adequate information on specific areas of interests and visa categories.

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Chief Executive Officer of ALTEC, Susan Gong, confirmed that the firm was ready to assist persons who wish to live, work or study in Canada with a team of experts that has combined experience of over 100 years in immigration services to individuals and families.

Vouching for the company’s credibility and competence during an exclusive interview in Nigeria, Ajibola Abayomi, President of Journalists International Forum or Migration (JIFORM), said the firm was reputable for quality services on immigration matters.

“With the interaction we have had with members of the ALTEC that comprised Gerry Weiner, former Canada Immigration Minister and Susan, these people are genuine and are offering services to regular migrants by helping them to achieving their goals.

“In 2021 JIFORM is looking forward to a working arrangement that will facilitate capacity building and other technical exchange programmes for Journalists in Canada,” he stated.

Susan, a former Board Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board brings her experience and knowledge as a Chartered Accountant and business owner with Gerry Weiner, James Metcalfe, a former Canadian Consul and Visa Officer, Zacheaus Somorin, a member of JIFORM and former Diplomatic Correspondence at Thisday Newspaper, Nigeria and others as members of ALTEC.

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It is on record that Canada has over 100 immigration programs; offering a wide range of opportunities by which persons can immigrate to the country either as temporary residents with permission to work or study or become Permanent Residents.

ALTEC works with a leading law firm in Montreal, Canada to provide assistance to their clients that are destined to Quebec region in the country among others.