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Again cultists hit Bayelsa, behead 30-yr-old man in rival war

In yet another grisly attack, cult rivalry in Sagbama community, Sagbama Local Council of Bayelsa State has claimed the life of a 30- year-old man, who was beheaded by dare-devil cultists.

The deceased, identified as Honest Mathew, also known as Onions, had his head chopped off and hung on pole for the residents of the community to see.

His killers had reportedly invaded Sagbama town in the dead of the night and sneaked into their victim’s home,  dragged him out of his house and cut off his head in the presence of his wife and children and took it away with them.

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A community source, said: “We gathered he was shouting, but the guys slit his throat and cut off his head. When we woke up in the morning, we discovered the headless body of the victim.

“Upon further search for the missing head, we discovered it was hung on a pole at the centre of the town. We were later told, it is a clear message of war against their rival to which the deceased also belonged.”

Cult rivalry has become worrisome in the state, claiming many lives. In the last one month alone, over 30 people have so far been reported killed in separate incidents around the state, especially the state capital, Yenagoa.

The rival cults fighting for supremacy in the state are identified as Icelanders, Greenlanders and Bobos cult groups.