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Afghans mark 30th anniversary of withdrawal of former Soviet Union forces

Afghan people marked the 30th withdrawal anniversary of former Soviet Union troops from the war-ravaged country on Friday.

In a gathering held at the Presidential Palace, participants including former resistance leaders paid tribute to those, who sacrificed their lives for jihad against the invading forces to defend their country’s freedom.

Government Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah, said that the current achievements in the past decades were the results of the struggle of the people of Afghanistan.

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“We feel humbled by the enormity of sacrifices our nation made to win freedom from former Soviet Union occupation.

The world is indebted to Afghan Mujahedeen’s feat of struggle for inspiring and spreading freedom far and wide beyond our borders.” Abdullah said at the event.

Afghan Second Vice President Sarwar Danish called the day a golden page in the country’s history.

“Actually all the people have taken part in jihad against the Soviet Union invaders,” he said.

The former Soviet Union troops that invaded Afghanistan in 1979 faced strong opposition from both Afghans and the international community, which eventually forced the invading troops to leave the country in 1989. (NAN)